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About the Course...Thank you for visiting our site and your interest in our educational products.  The Central Sterile Processing Initiative is proud to offer its international best‐selling course, Sterile Processing Basic Training Course, live and online, for a registration fee of only $197.00 (course fee subject to change at any time).  One of the primary goals of The Central Sterile Processing Initiative is to provide for relevant, convenient, and affordable educational opportunities to both active and aspiring sterile processing professionals (individuals as well as entire departments).  This course is our first effort toward that goal and has been utilized by hundreds, just like you, to accomplish their goals, whether professional certification or continuing education, departmental training/in-servicing or simply for good old-fashioned review. 

The course currently consists of *12  individual modules (though more are being developed and added regularly).  

Obtain the knowledge and the skills you need to succeed as a sterile processing professional… (at a cost LESS than the price of a textbook!)  You will receive a comprehensive textbook/workbook combined in digital format with multiple media presentations providing for a comprehensive student retention‐oriented learning experience (texts, photos, graphs, embedded resource links, video, audio, course forum, weekly online chats with your instructor, exams, and more!) all for ONLY $197.00! 


Module Topics Include:

      1.   1. Intruducing Sterile Processing

          2. The History of Sterile Processing

          3. Medical Terminology for Sterile Processing Technicians

          4. Microbiology for Sterile Processing Technicians

          5. Infection Control in Sterile Processing

          6. Regulatory Standards and Recommended Practice

           7.Decontamination & Disinfection

          8. Introduction to Surgical Instrumentation

          9. Packaging, Storage, and Sterility Maintenance

        10. Sterilization (High Temperature)

        11. Sterilization (Low Temperature)

        12. Quality Assurance and Performance Improve

                                             With much more being released on a regular basis...

  • This course is both comprehensive and complete, focusing solely on the "fundamentals" of Sterile Processing--those things EVERY tech and sterile processing professional MUST know (from the equipment tech to the OR Director!)  For those interested in transitioning into careers as sterile processing techs, this course will provide you with the theory and credential necessary to enter the field as an entry-level Tech I.*  For those who have been working in the field for some time but lack the theoretical base required to attain the next level, professional certification, this course will help both equip and prepare you.  The course also serves well for a general, but thorough, review for even the most seasoned sterile processing professional.

    The course also serves well for a comprehensive, while at the same time, budget-minded, certification examination preparation solution.  If you can pass our comprehensive final exam, then you can pass any sterile processing exam!  (We pride ourselves on having the most demanding curriculum and educational experience available on the web currently available for sterile processing professionals.)  

    How the course works...

    Access instantly online all course instructions, study materials, assignments, quizzes, and exams!  Once you enroll and are taken through the checkout process, upon receipt and confirmation of payment, our system will forward you a special web link and password to access the currently posted course modules.  You can begin class immediately and work at your own pace.  

    Students may work at their own pace.  An average student, studying 3-4 nights per week should be able to complete the program within a few months or so.  

    Be forewarned, nothing about this course is "easy."  It is designed to train staff who take care of patients and who work as professional sterile processing/infection prevention specialists. It WILL require work and effort on your part!  This course is not a watered down PowerPoint presentation nor is it a simplified 3-5 page in-service.  It is a rigorous, academic, lecture style program presentation.  You aren't paying for pictures, one liners, and acronyms. You are enrolling in an academic course and much will be expected of you.  There are anywhere from 5 to 10 individual assignments per module, plus a final module quiz (and not all multiple choice either!)  

    The goal is to prepare individuals and equip them to work in the healthcare setting--a setting in which lives often depend upon our knowledge, our skill, and our routine actions.  Not only do we hope to convey the fundamentals of sterile processing, but also to help our students to better understand those fundamentals and how they fit together as part of the overall process.  An emphasis is upon both process and critical thinking.

    At all times throughout the course, students will have live access to their instructor.  Each class is limited to 25 e-students so that we can ensure that your needs are met and that you receive our full attention.  You may contact your instructor at any time via e-mail, an online forum, during regularly schedule class chats, and via the sterile processing forum.  For certain modules (particularly the more difficult and lengthy ones, e.g., the sterilization modules), a chat room will be opened at specific times throughout the week for open discussion and question and answer sessions with the instructor(s).  *All students are encouraged to join the online sterile processing forum.  

    We are here to help you both learn the field and to succeed.  We only succeed when you do! 

    Upon course completion, a comprehensive final exam (consisting of 50-100 questions) will be posted on the course site.  The exam must be proctored. The paperwork to validate proctor is included with the examination packet.  Students have up 60 days post course to complete the examination.  The exam requires an 80% pass rate (not the typical 70%)..  Exam retakes may occur once every 30 days until the course is passed (additional fee assessed in the amount of $10.00 per additional exam if required).

    Once the final exam is completed with an acceptable pass rate, a handsome certificate of completion and module transcript will be mailed out to the student at no additional charge (included in the course fee).  Graduates will have their names listed on the Central Sterile Processing Initiative web site as well for employer verification.  We also provide educational reference to all of our certificate holders--something no other organizaton offers!  

    Everything that the student needs is included with the course.  There is NOTHING more to buy--no textbooks, no workbooks--NOTHING.  Everything that you need will be available to you upon enrollment and on the site for instant download.   

    If You Aren't Yet Convinced...

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    Our Guarantee...

    The Central Sterile Processing Initiative's driving purpose is to provide for more educational products and services that are both accessible and affordable for the average sterile processing professional.  As such, you will only find products and/or services advertised on this site to be quality products that can and will enrich your professional life in the field of sterile processing.  This is doubly so of our own products.  We stand behind our curricula 100%. Within 30 days, if you find that the content of our course isn't as described above, we'll issue you a full refund--no questions asked!  There is no risk and nothing to lose.

    *The Central Sterile Processing Initiative cannot guarantee employment upon completion.

    Module reviews and final exams consist of fill in the blank, multiple choice, and essay questions. 

    Module titles and content may vary as the course progresses and depending on instructor.  Modules may often be combined.  The content or quality of the course will not vary. 

    Instructors reserve the right to change module post times (depending on student completion rates) and grading.   

    Refunds subject solely to terms of guarantee above. 

    Prior to enrollment, please add e-mail from to safe sender's list in your inbox (to ensure automatic receipt of login information).

    Certificate of completion will either be mailed or delivered electronically.